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Discover exciting call center jobs opportunities in USA. Explore rewarding careers in customer service, sales, and support. Join dynamic teams, make a difference, and advance your professional journey today!

Name of the Companies in the USA

Here are some Top 15 call center companies for jobs in USA:

Callbox – “Call Center Jobs”

Callbox is the largest B2B lead generation and sales support services company in USA. Founded in 2004, Callbox is the largest provider of outsourced B2B lead generation services and outbound sales support for businesses and organizations worldwide. Using an account-based marketing approach to reaching a global database of contacts from over 35 million businesses, Callbox enables companies to establish and expand markets by connecting with prospects through six lead generation avenues: voice, email, social, chat, website, and webinars.


30dps is among the seasoned digital marketing firms and BPO call center companies. The company is among the popular USA call centers with skilled in-house experts. Founded in Colorado Springs, CO, in 1989, we have been constantly evolving over the years. You may be a perfect fit if you are based in Colorado Springs, CO, or Springfield, MO, and are an enthusiastic, life-long learner driven by a fast-paced, high-pressure environment. While we aren’t always hiring, we are always on the lookout for our next rock star. If that describes you, we can’t wait to meet you! 


Leadium accelerates revenue pipelines by providing the strategy, data, technology, and team to book more qualified opportunities. Our expertise in outbound sales leads to sustainable growth while simultaneously reducing your HR burden and lowering customer acquisition costs. Full-service appointment-setting campaigns focused on engaging your next best customer strategically through email, phone, LinkedIn, SMS & gifting. We are in business to grow your business by setting up qualified sales meetings that convert. And, we do it well!


Our best-in-class assistants are background-checked, skills verified, and are based right here in the USA. My BTLR matches you with your own dedicated assistant. A real person dedicated to your tasks — so you get the same great responsiveness every time. And, the more tasks you delegate, the more your assistant gets to know you and can handle more tasks independently. Getting started is as easy as: 

  1. We Get to know and understand your needs
  2. Meet and approve your virtual assistant.
  3. Start your relationship


International IT and technology solutions engineering company JAJSolutions LLC is committed to finding solutions worldwide. Veteran minority-owned small business JAJSolutions is based in the State of Washington. JAJSolutions is a disabled veteran minority-owned small business headquartered in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. We bring the world experience of “IT” solutions builders for all business intelligence needs using the latest innovative solutions.


Answerforce, a reputable call center in America, is headquartered in Tualatin. Back-office services and non-voice are its areas of expertise. With 24/7 live responding, virtual receptionists, phone answering, bilingual answering, and appointment setting, Answerforce assists in capturing more leads and supporting the clients. It is among the top BPO call center companies and offers clients’ a cloud-based business phone system.  

Specialty Answering Service

SAS is a live telephone answering service that combines all of your business communications with awesome virtual receptionists so your customers can be wowed 24 hours a day. Everyday. Several well-known companies and rapidly expanding small businesses turn to Specialty Answering services as a national outsourcing provider. With SAS’s live coverage available around the clock, clients will never miss a call. A leading call center outsourcing company in the USA, SAS  provides a wide range of services, including lead generation, appointment setting, dedicated agents, outbound telemarketing, and more.  


TransPerfect, one of the largest call centers in the US, also offers commercial translation services. TransPerfect was founded in 1992 with a simple mission to provide the highest quality language services to leading organizations worldwide. Started as a two-person company operating out of a dorm room, TransPerfect has spent nearly three decades solving global business challenges for our clients and has turned into one of the most successful growth stories in the business world.

Assisttree Inc.

Assisttree is an emerging Virtual Employee and Outsourcing company. Crafted and Nurtured by young and dynamic business leaders, Assisttree has a focused spirit and a lofty objective: to Empower Startups, Single Entrepreneurs, SMBs/SMEs and provide ultimate cost-efficient and budget-friendly solutions. We have dedicated a lot of knowledge, time, and perseverance to create this unique model.

VOX Network Solutions

VOX is a modern technology company that exists to inspire and enable people to make a difference in the world. By empowering our clients, partners, and employees, VOX has become one of the fastest-growing technology organizations in the country. VOX is among the top USA call centers offering six tech services (Consulting, Contact Center, Collaboration, Network, Security, and Managed Services).

E Virtual Services

A qualified virtual assistant business, E Virtual Services LLC provides its customers with flawless and high-quality virtual services. EVS takes responsibility for offering professional services to its clientele for maximum growth of its business in all directions. Hire experts with experience for all your tasks whether you need virtual assistants, web developers, app developers, data entry experts, or internet marketing experts; EVS has a versatile team to complete your assigned tasks on time and within competitive cost.

Inlingua Utah

Inlingua Utah is among the USA call centers that provide language training, translation, interpretation services, and exceptional customer care. It specializes in voice services, video production, and translation. It is one of the largest call centers in the US and was established in 1996, with its headquarters in Salt Lake City. Inlingua Utah is a boutique language company located downtown Salt Lake City offering language classes. With almost 2 decades of experience, we have an outstanding reputation for quality and the way we treat our clients. Giving our best and delivering the most exceptional projects are our priorities. 

Virtual Bird LLC

Virtual Bird LLC, a call center in America, offers services for AR/VR development services. Print design, social media marketing, voice services, web design (UI/UX), and AR/VR development are some of its areas of expertise. The company has multicultural producers, developers, and dreamers who enjoy working on mixed reality projects that inspire, move, and include the audience. It is among the most popular USA call centers established in 2017.  


Transcosmos is a 50-year-old inbound call center in America. The best artificial intelligence tools are available to Transcosmos’ internal development team, which it uses to service its customers. Transcosmos, the largest call center in the US, offers multilingual American customer service from near-shore and off-shore locations. For the deployment of sophisticated and unique services, it has a domestic lab. The model guarantees effective launches, geographic adaptability, and cost control. People refers to highly skilled professionals who can offer services that meet and exceed our client expectations.  Combined with the latest technology we deliver superior value to our clients.

Worldwide Call Centers

Worldwide Call Centers is a global consulting firm. It is one of the top-rated ed call center outsourcing companies in the USA. The firm offers free counseling to clients to evaluate their needs and connect with outstanding agencies. The organization provides transcription, non-voice BPO/back office, and voice services. The business was established in 1998, and its headquarters are in Colorado Springs. Worldwide Call Centers was founded in 1998 with the sole mission of helping our clients successfully deploy call center outsourcing services. To this end, our consulting services are provided at no cost and we have extensive resources in place to help you hire great contact centers around the world.

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